DIY Sewing Machine Cover

I think this may be my favorite project I’ve ever made to date. It was super simple, super cute, and I found this super awesome fabric for it that I am so stoked about!!!! What is it you ask? A sewing machine cover. How could a seemingly innocuous, basic project be my favorite ever? Its definitely the fabric. I had seen a tutorial for this cover on Pinterest quite awhile ago and LOVED the fabric they had used. It was cute, had good color and had owls on it! How can you go wrong with that? All of the prints they used went together great and I had to make it. Unfortunately, I’ve never been that good at pairing up different prints of fabrics. I would usually just stick to one print and some solids to accent or just one print overall. So, I put off the project until I could find something that caught my eye. Well I finally found that something the other day when I was at Jo Anne’s (who is having a fabulous sale on just about everything right now btw). It had great colors and it had Wonder Woman on it!! You can’t beat that! So without further ado, here is my attempt at showing you how I did it. You can find the super awesome original tutorial that I used right here. Sewing Machine19

Ok, so I still stuck with some basics on matching up prints…but its better than before! I just love the red fabric with the stars (the same as the bow-ties I made but in red instead). This was actually a pretty simple project. Start off with the directions you find here. It has some sizes already laid out for some Bernina machines. I do not have one of those so I used the formulas at the end of the directions to figure out what sizes to make my pieces. There is a little problem with the sizing of the pocket lining from the formula. When you input your numbers the pocket lining comes out shorter than the pocket which doesn’t make sense since the lining is supposed to be longer to be able to see it at the top of the pocket. There were multiple people commenting about it on the post, but it hasn’t been noted or fixed so watch out for that one! I just measured up against my machine how tall I wanted the pockets to be and made those pieces from my own measurements. I am using a Brother XL 3200 and these are the pieces I used:

Sewing Machine5

Outside main fabric: one 16.5″x30″ and two 8″x12″

Main lining fabric: one 16.5″x32″ and two 8″x13″

Pocket lining: two 7″x8″

Pocket outer: two 5″x8″

In the picture above, the first steps of the project are already done and the pocket and pocket lining pieces are already sewn together…I forgot to take pictures till I was already into it!

Sewing Machine3 Sewing Machine2

The first step is to take the pocket and pocket lining pieces and sew them together across the top edge, right sides together.

Sewing Machine

Then, fold down with wrong sides together until the bottom edges match up and press. There should be about 1″ of the lining showing above the outer pocket. Repeat with the other pocket pieces.

Sewing Machine9

Machine baste the pocket piece to the main side piece, lining up the bottom and side edges.

Sewing Machine7Mark the center of the tops of the side pieces with a pin and mark the 1/2″ seam marks at each of the top two corners. Mark the center of the long sides of the large main piece with a pin as well. Place the end piece and the long main piece together, right sides facing, and pin together at the bottom edge. Sew from the bottom edge up to the first 1/2″ seam mark on the corner and stop there. Sewing Machine10With the needle down in the fabric, lift up the presser foot and clip up to but not in to the seam at the mark. Then, pivot and line up the raw edges and continue sewing up to the next 1/2″ seam line, making sure to line up the centers marked with pins. Clip this corner the same as the one before and continue down the last side. Repeat with the other side piece.Sewing Machine13 Sewing Machine12

If you want to add a tag, logo, or anything to the outside, now is the time to do it!

Sewing Machine15

At this point, it should look like this! Just complete the lining pieces the same as the outside pieces minus the pockets. Be sure to leave a 5-6″ opening in the side seam of the lining to turn the project through after the next step!

Sewing Machine11

Place the main and lining pieces together, lining up and pinning the bottom edges together. Make sure that the right sides are facing each other and to line up the correct corner seams. Sew around the seams and turn the project through the opening you left. Sewing Machine18

Press the bottom seam so that you see the extra bit of lining on the bottom and sew up the hole in the seam of the lining from turning it. And you’re done! That was easy :D

Sewing Machine16

The pockets should look like this on the sides.

Sewing Machine17

I love it! Now just to finish the other one I’m making for my new serger!


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  1. Loving the fabric. I desperately need to get my machines out as they’re still in their boxes since we moved house – this might tempt me – matching covers would make my sewing corner look so much neater!

  2. […] finished the cover for my serger today using the same technique as my sewing machine cover here. Its pretty much the same, just a different size and I switched the pocket and lining fabrics. And […]

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